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Seaman Requirements

1. Ideals- Complete one of the Girl Scout Journey Awards.

2. Active Membership- Participate in 60% of ship’s meetings and activities for 6 months. Give a presentation (could be created by someone else) about our program to another Girl Scout or Community Group.

3. Leadership/Planning- Serve in a leadership position for the ship, or plan a weekend activity including location, meals, safety gear needed, other activity items needed, etc.

4. Swimming- Know and follow the rules about diving in and rescuing someone from the water. Show your ability to swim 150 yards with 5 different strokes.

5. Safety- Know where all of the safety gear is on our vessel. Perform a fire prevention inspection and report your findings to the officers. Know the classes of fire and appropriate fire extinguishers required for our vessel. Demonstrate your ability to perform the Heimlich Maneuver and CPR.

6. Marlinspike Know how to make with competence an eye, short, long and back splice in manila line.

7. Boat Handling Understand the aspects of docking including the use of lines and docking commands. Explain the dangers that you need to be aware of as our vessel docks.

8. Community Service Participate In a community service project for this rank. This service should be at least two hours of service to a community organization.

9. Anchoring Explain the theory of anchoring and the procedures you would use to anchor our vessel. Know the terms scope and rode. Know how a capstan and windlass work. Be able to participate in and know your responsibilities when you serve on an anchor watch.

10. Navigation Know the required lighting for our vessel. Demonstrate your ability to use the appropriate sound signals when operating our vessel.

11. Piloting Show your understanding of how a GPS, AIS and electronic chart program works and demonstrate your ability to use them. Show how to turn on and use the electronic navigation system on your vessel including planning a route, determining your ETA, navigating a route, and use of waypoints.

12. Deck Seamanship Spend at least 8 hours working on our vessel. Know how to use the appropriate tools (power tools and hand tools) and use the correct safety equipment needed.

13. Ship systems Know the 12- and 24-volt electrical systems used on the boat. Know safety procedures when working on these electrical systems. Be able to demonstrate your knowledge by troubleshooting a basic electrical problem on board.

14. Cruising Be able to start and secure each of the watch stations. Attend at least 5 overnight cruises and 5 day cruises.

15. Weather Know how to get weather information from a thermometer, barometer, and an anemometer. Understand how each of these instruments work.

16. Teamwork Serve as coxswain for a regatta team event like scuttlebutt, breeches buoy, or crew drill.

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