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MSS Tradewind
Midshipmite Requirements

1. Ideals- Understand how to care for, display and dispose of a United States Flag.

2. Active Membership- Participate in 60% of ships meetings and activities for 6 months. Recruit a new member

3. Leadership/Planning- Know how to plan the menu for three meals and snacks for a day or weekend cruise. Make a shopping list that ensures enough food for all on board taking into account any dietary needs of the crew. Check to make sure the galley has all of the cooking supplies and utensils needed to prepare the meal

4. Swimming- Be able to swim 75 yards confidently. Know the BSA Safe Swim Defense and why it is important to follow these rules.

5. Safety- Know where all of the safety equipment is on board your vessel. Explain how to properly care for and use this equipment. Understand how to read a station bill and understand what is needed for each position in safety drills. Participate in man overboard, fire, collision and abandon ship drills. Know how to properly use a VHF marine radio

6. Marlinspike Be able to identify parts of a line. Know the different types of line and when to use which type for what application. Explain how to care for lines. Know how to perform a simple whipping and a needle whipping.

7. Boat Handling Know the different parts of small boats and power vessels. Demonstrate your ability to row, canoe and kayak. Show that you are capable of controlling each small boat and that you can go on a straight course, make turns, leave a dock and return safely.

8. Community Service Participate in a community service project for this rank. This service should be at least 2 hours of service to a community organization.

9. Anchoring _ Know the different types of anchors and how to choose the right anchor for different types of bottoms, such as sandy, muddy, rocky, etc. Be able to identify each part of an anchor.

10. Navigation Understand the Rules of the Road. Be able to identify the stand on/give way vessel and the responsibilities of each in various crossing or passing scenarios.

11. Piloting Understand 24 hour time and GMT/Zulu time. Explain how this relates to the latitude and longitude system we use to navigate. Know the history of the compass and explain the parts of a compass.

12. Deck Seamanship Learn and use bell time and watches. Know the responsibilities of each of the three watch positions on a cruise (log/lookout, helm, and engine watch). Serve in each of the three positions at least once, or until you are comfortable with each of these responsibilities.

13. Ship systems Learn about the ship’s fresh water system. Know where the water tanks are, how much water they hold, how to make the water system work.

14. Cruising Go on an overnight cruise. Serve in each of the crew watch positions.

15. Teamwork Participate in crew drill.

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