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Mariner Pin Requirements

1. Ideals- Know the Girl Scout Promise and Laws. Be able to tell why they are important to you. Know the history of Girl Scouting. Be able to tell others about the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.

2. Active Membership- Turn in your Girl Scout registration and health information forms. Pay your annual dues. Obtain a cruising uniform and a dress uniform. Know how to care for your uniform, and where the insignias should be placed.

3. Leadership/Planning- Understand how the ship is led. Know the positions of leadership and what each one is responsible for.

4. Swimming- Be safe while cruising. What happens if you fall in? Know how to properly wear a personal flotation device. Jump in a pool fully dressed and float for 10 minutes. After floating, make a flotation device out of your clothes.

5. Safety- Be able to identify and know the use of the five types of personal flotation devices. Understand the different distress signals while on board a vessel. Know how to identify distress signals on the VHF radio. Know the appropriate safety precautions to take when using power tools and working around machinery on board.

6. Marlinspike Know when to use and how to tie the following 9 knots: bowline, bowline on a bight, square knot, sheet bend, cleat hitch, overhand, figure eight, clove hitch, round turn and 2 half hitches.

7. Boat Handling Demonstrate your ability to accurately use a heaving line. Demonstrate your ability to properly care for and use a ring buoy.

8. Community Service Participate In on community service project for this rank. This service should be at least 2 hours of service to a community organization.

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