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Jacktar Requirements

1. Ideals- Understand the history of the “Landship Ceremony”: know how to serve as a side boy, messenger, color guard, and boatswain. Demonstrate your ability to properly use a bosn’s pipe.

2. Active Membership- Participate in 60% of ships meetings and activities for 6 months. Help with a recruiting activity.

3. Leadership/Planning- Participate in a Quarterdeck training program. Plan an overnight activity including location, meals, safety gear needed, other activity items needed.

4. Swimming- Demonstrate your ability to swim the following strokes: backstroke, freestyle, breast stroke, and side stroke.

5. Safety- Know the Safety Afloat principles (BSA) and why it is important to follow these rules. Complete the requirements for the BSA Emergency Preparation Merit Badge.

6. Marlinspike Know how to secure and care for lines. Learn appropriate sail sewing technique and then demonstrate your ability to do a round seam, flat seam, and ring grommet.

7. Boat Handling Know the different types of sailboats, and the normal rigging configurations. Learn the nomenclature used for the parts of a sailboat. Show your proficiency in sailing a catboat or sloop.

8. Community Service Participate In a community service project for this rank. This service should be at least two hours of service to a community organization.

9. Anchoring Become familiar with all of the ground tackle used on our vessel. Know the chain and line marking system, and assist in an anchoring procedure.

10. Navigation Be able to recognize and know the meaning of the aids to navigation used in the waters we cruise. Know the meaning of chart symbols and how to use Chart 1.

11. Piloting Know how to use a compass to steer a course. Be able to calculate your speed using a chart to determine the distance and measure the time it takes to travel that distance. Be able to use dead reckoning to know your position on a chart.

12. Deck Seamanship Know how to prepare your vessel to cruise. Use a pre-cruise check list to verify it is ready. Know how the boat is usually docked and how the lines are used properly to ensure it is secure.

13. Ship Systems Learn about the proper storage of human waste and how to dispose of it properly. Know how to store or dispose of garbage and toxic materials aboard the vessel. Explain how inappropriate disposal of these items can damage the environment of the Bay and Delta.

14. Cruising Perform all of the watches with confidence and serve in the galley for at least 2 overnight cruises and 2 day cruises.

15. Weather Know how to get weather information from the VHF radio. Know the weather alert pennants.

16. Teamwork Understand the importance of communications between crewmembers and leaders. If you do not hear from your crew leader, know to call your boatswain or boatswain’s mate each week so you will be prepared for the weekend activities.

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