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Helmsman Requirements

1. Ideals Write an essay on how this program has helped you grow. Explain your favorite activities, the toughest moments, and how this program has prepared you for your future plans.

2. Active Membership- Participate in 60% of ship’s meetings and activities for 6 months.

3. Leadership/Planning- Serve as skipper for at least 48 hours on a cruise.

4. Swimming- Earn a Red Cross Lifesaving certificate or equivalent, or complete the requirements of the BSA Lifeguard. Serve as a lifeguard for the ship.

5. Safety- Lead safety drills while underway. Critique them and help the crew learn how to improve their performance.

6. Marlinspike Teach all of the marlinspike requirements to crewmembers.

7. Boat Handling Be able to safely and confidently handle our vessel including leaving the dock, a man overboard drill and docking.

8. Community Service Participate in a community service project for this rank. This service should be at least two hours of service to a community organization or project.

9. Anchoring Teach all of the anchoring requirements to crewmembers.

10. Navigation Teach Midshipmite and Jack Tar requirements to crewmembers.

11. Piloting Teach all of the piloting requirement to crewmembers.

12. Deck Seamanship Know how to troubleshoot ship’s electrical and mechanical systems.

13. Ship systems Learn about the propulsion systems used on our vessel. Be able to change the oil, and assist in the repair of one of the engines. Know the name of the basic engine parts and what they do.

14. Cruising Make sure that your crew and the officers are prepared for your helmsman cruise (48 hours as skipper). Meet with the people aboard and explain your plans. Meet with them after your time in charge and ask for their feedback.

15. Weather Know cloud formations and what each type of cloud could mean to your cruising day. Make a weather prediction for one week, then track your accuracy.

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